Wigtown Riding of the Marches route 2016

The Wigtown Riding of the Marches for 2016 will take place on Saturday 2 July from 2.00pm - 5.00pm, let by Cornet Martin Wallace; Cornet’s Lass Hannah Burns, Ensign Mhàiri McConnell and Marshall Lyndsay Wilson.

The route: this year will be South Main Street, North Main Street, New Road, Wigtown Hill, Kirkland Terrace, West Kirkland, Moss of Cree Road, Ballgreen, Bank Street, North Main Street, Agnew Crescent, Bladnoch, B7005 to Fordbank, Potato Mill Road, Agnew Crescent, North Main Street, High Vennel to the primary school, New Road, North Main Street, Low Vennel, Lochancroft, Church Lane, Bank Street, County Buildings, South Main Street.

Organisers are asking drivers to be aware that horses will be passing on the above route at that time and if vehicle owners could park elsewhere for that one day, they would be most grateful, as it will allow more room for horses and spectators.

The best horse and rider (junior and senior) will by judged by Elsie Forsyth and Margaret Ramsay and there will be entertainment for spectators in the town’s gardens during the ride out.

The four principals - Cornet, Cornet’s Lass, Ensign and Marshall will be installed at Wigtown Parish Church 11.30am on Sunday, June 19.