Wigtown Primary School prizegiving

Wigtown Primary School prizegiving
Wigtown Primary School prizegiving

Wigtown Primary School held their end-of-term Prizegiving during the closing service on Monday 29th June 2015, a significant number of trophies were on display, indicating the outstanding support the school receives from the community. Mrs Kelly Devine, Headteacher, in her remarks, expressed her appreciation of the level of support for the work of the school. In particular recognition was given to all children and their own personal achievements, showing growing confidence and independence in learning year on year.

Prizes were presented by Matt Kitson to the following pupils:

Wigtown Passport Awards

Partially Completed: Keely Smithers, Ryan Kelly, Gregor Smith, Lee McWilliam, Jay Johnstone, Thomas Borthwick, Jake Smith, David Bark, Zara McWilliam, Leeona Lyons, Edana Muir, Jodie Stewart, Rory McLean, Iona McGhie, Jenny Cluckie, Reece McCall, Zoe Blackley

Nursery Passport Scheme, congratulations to all who completed this exciting challenge. The Nursery Awards are as follows:

Rainbow Passport : Carly Marshall, Emma Atcheson, Emily Gomersall, Isla Aitchison, Zoe Stewart, Rory Cannon, Jaimee-Lea Jewiss, Abbie Hedley, Niamh Williams, Olly McKie, Noah Wardell, Robbie Devine, Ava Parker-Aird, Niamh Heron, Euan Lochhead, Declan Tait, Kieren McWilliam, Ellie Marshall (& Best Effort)

Bronze Award also includes a Bronze Passport Badge and £10 Wigtown Book Festival token

Bronze Level 1: Louis McCreath, Heather Cairns, Daniel Drysdale, Tasha Kitson, Lucas Cluckie, Bob Thomson, Finley Kennedy, Carsen Baird, Lewis Laidlaw, Grace Morris

Bronze Level 2: Lindsay Cannon, Aaron Barclay, Owen Parker, Molly Sharp, Emma Ramsay, Kyle Harris

Bronze Level 3: Joe Thomson, Abigail Stewart, Eloise Kitson, Katie McMiken, Eilidh Aitchison, Oliver Gomersall, Anna Galloway, Thomas Simpson, Eboni Stewart, Jake Devine, Finlay Cannon, Lila McDowall, Aaron Keith, Tilly Lyons

Silver Award also includes a Silver Passport Badge & £15 Wigtown Book Festival token

Silver Level 1: Rhys Kennedy, Deacon Kiltie, Leah Wardell, Georgie Barr, Zack Stead-Roberts, Ella Simpson, Rory McMiken, Lorna Cannon, Terry Robinson

Silver Level 2: Euan Plunkett, Ellie Cluckie, Sharlene Littlejohn, Ben Marples, James Sharp, Helena Cochrane, Finn McMiken, Erin Thomson, Leo Parker

Gold Award also includes a Gold Passport Badge & Wigtown Book Festival token

Gold Level 1: Michael Corcoran, Bethany Harris, Aaron Drysdale, Ross Adams, Kirsty Cannon, Sophie McSeveney, Oliver Barr, Stuart McKeevor, Ben MacDonald, Pippa Harris

Gold Level 2: Rory Dunn, Connie Milligan, Kitty McCreath, Callum Marples, Corey Littlejohn, Rachael Quigley, Connie McLean

Newton Stewart Cinema Award: Ross Adams

Playground Awards: Georgie Barr, Erin Thomson, Pippa Harris

Certificates to the Chair of each of our school committees: Eco – Sharlene Littlejohn, Press – Georgie Barr, Helena Cochrane, Pupil Council – Erin Thomson

Nursery Sports Pre Pre Boys Champion: Oaklen Baird

Pre Pre Girls Champion: Naoise Robinson

Pre Boys Champion: Kieren McWilliam

Pre Girls Champion: Niamh Heron

School Sports:

Winning House Tarff House Captains: Zoe Blackley, Jenny Cluckie & Reece McCall

Boys Girls

Infant Championship: Kyle Harris Emma Ramsay

Junior Championship: Euan Plunkett Ellie Cluckie

Senior Championship: =Callum Marples =Kitty McCreath

Michael Corcoran Kirsty Cannon

Machars Wildlife Project (Judged by Phil and Jenny Bradley) – Report from judge commends pupils for the very high standard of work!

P5 1st: Helena Cochrane (HC Finn McMiken, Leo Parker)

P6 1st: Kirsty Cannon (HC Jodie Stewart)

P7 1st: Rory Dunn (HC Kitty McCreath)

Overall 1st – Jacquelyn Steele Trophy: Rory Dunn

Junior Project: P1: Louis McCreath (H.C: Finley Kennedy)

P2: Molly Sharp (H.C: Lindsay Cannon)

P3: Finlay Cannon (H.C: Joe Thomson)

P4: Rory McMiken (H.C: Ella Simpson)

Kirwaugh Cup for Excellent Contribution to Scots Culture: Rory Dunn

Mr Coates Shield: Aaron Keith

McGowan Trophy for Expressive Arts: Zoe Blackley & Connie McLean

McDowall Trophy for Citizenship (plus book token): Rachael Quigley & Callum Marples

The Kirkdale Farm Eco Owl: Iona McGhie

The Stewart Anderson Achievement Water Pitcher: Kitty McCreath

Headteacher’s Award: Nursery: Jaimee-Lea Jewiss

P1/2: Owen Parker

P3/4: Anna Galloway

P4/5/6: Aaron Drysdale

P7 : Jenny Cluckie, Corey Littlejohn, & Reece McCall

The Grace Steven Memorial Trophy for Excellence: Connie Milligan

Graduation Certificate to P1 leaving Nursery to start at another Primary: Abbie Hedley, Niamh Williams

P6 buddies come up to present new P1 with a tie, PE bag and Book bag

Primary 1 Induction Awards: Isla Aitchison, Rory Cannon, Robbie Devine, Emily Gomersall, Emma Atcheson, Zoe Stewart, Niamh Heron, Jaimee-Lea Jewiss, Euan Lochhead, Carly Marshall, Ellie Marshall, Olly McKie, Kieren McWilliam, Ava Parker-Aird, Declan Tait, Noah Wardell

Primary 7 leaving gift and ‘Your Move’ book donated by the Baptist Church: Zoe Blackley, Jenny Cluckie, Rory Dunn, Reece McCall, Connie Milligan, Kitty McCreath, Callum Marples, Iona McGhie, Corey Littlejohn, Rachael Quigley, Connie McLean

Chocolates were presented to Matt Kitson by Rachael Quigley and Callum Marples for presenting the prizes.