Wigtown Flower Circle Open Evening

Margo Black at Wigtown Flower Circle
Margo Black at Wigtown Flower Circle

It was certainly ‘Merry and Bright’ at Wigtown Flower Circle’s Open Evening, on Wednesday, November 30, thanks to a wonderful demonstration by Mrs Margo Black from Airdrie. With her beautiful designs, we experienced Christmas customs from ‘All around the world’. Margo gave us a potted history of favourite traditions of the season, many flower arranging tips and had the whole audience laughing heartily at personal anecdotes.

For her first design she created a perfectly symmetrical Christmas tree from Fatsia japonica, Phormium tenax, manipulated Aspidistra leaves, Dracena sanderiana and hard Ruscus. Her focal flowers were velvety red Freedom roses followed by green Goldman standard carnations. Glittered pine cones and silver ting ting added extra sparkle and she finished off by bringing out a smaller version which she had made ahead of time.

For her second design Margo was dreaming of a white Christmas and thinking of writing and posting Christmas cards. She formed an asymmetric triangle from cupressus, eucalyptus, soft ruscus and glittered solidago in a 3D wooden picture frame. Vibrant Banana Germini were interspersed with purple Veronica. She completed the design with sparkly purple picks and baubles. Once again she produced a second placement to the delight of the audience.

Next we went Walking in a winter Wonderland while hearing about incognito visits to the local churchyard for a particularly colourful evergreen called ‘Cemetery ivy’. This design was created in a low silver basket with a selection of beautifully shaped and coloured foliage carefully placed in the foam before Margot added sprayed and glittered birch twigs and Kimsey pink germini. A strong pink Cymbidium and a few pink baubles completed this contemporary design which to the absolute delight of the audience was joined by two smaller placements.

A wooden sleigh was the basis for ‘Naughty and Nice’ into which Margo placed Leather leaf , eucalyptus and cupressus. Next she added stunning Cherry brandy roses and yellow standard carnations while telling us of the first St Nicholas and the reason why Santa wears a red suit. Pussy willow twigs were curved and placed to the front and rear of the design to give it the WOOOSH of Santa’s Sleigh. A second placement in a metal Christmas tree stand was added to complete the display.

Finally we arrived at Christmas Eve with Silent Night a wreath ring filled with evergreens to represent the everlasting love of God into which Margot grouped sumptuous Avalanche roses in threes interspersed with red Hypericum berries and glittered ivy seedheads. When this was complete it was placed on top of a metal and glass plant stand with an LED candle in the centre. True to form a second wreath, already filled, along with 4 delightful floral Christmas crackers completed a fantastically festive display and had everyone looking forward to the raffle with anticipation.