Weather didn’t dampen Kirkinner school trip

Kirkinner school trip
Kirkinner school trip

At the end of term, Kirkinner Primary School went on an amazing school trip to Cream O’ Galloway to take part in pond dipping and to learn about all the interesting underwater creatures and their habitats.

Ross and Murray, both P6, reported: “Sadly, because of how rainy it had been, it was too slippy to go to the pond when we arrived so one of the staff members brought four boxes filled with things from the pond and brought them up to us at the shelter.

“Investigating the pond dipping boxes was really fun and we discovered so many things. We found back swimmers, water beetles, tadpoles and even a special water snail that looked like a fossil. There was a special booklet which by answering questions about the insects you could find out more about them and what they were.

“After pond dipping, we were allowed to play indoors before lunch. There was a perfect place to hide in the underground part. It was a slit in the wall that you could crawl through and be in a dark, secret room.

“After lunch, we all got together to go on slip, fall and get drenched, otherwise known as Go Boing! It was great fun and even the staff members joined us which was hilarious.

“When we went back inside, we all got changed because we were drenched from the pouring rain and got some delicious ice cream. We all had loads of great fun and hope to go back when Go Boing has dodge ball.”