Volunteers clean up Stranraer

Civic Pride was given a massive boost when nearly 90 people responded to the request to come out and voluntarily give of their time to clean up Stranraer town centre at the weekend.

The volunteers gave of their time for three hours to pull out all the weeds from the streets and pavements that make up the town centre.

The organiser of the venture Romano Petruci said: “I was overwhelmed by the response I put out asking people to give up an hour of their time to clean up our Town Centre and clear the streets and pavements of the weeds that were having a detrimental effect on how our Town Centre looked.

“I know from speaking to the tourists and day visitors just what people have said about our town when they visited it.

“The response I received to my request has really brought out the civic pride in the local people from the number of locals and doctors that turned out to help. From the positive response I received from the shop owners and the traders who not only came out to help but offered support in so many ways and we had our local and national politicians out giving us a hand as well.”

Local Councillor Willie Scobie was also out giving a hand. He has now prepared an invoice and intends serving it on the council.

He said “While this is really about austerity and the public service cuts we are having to be made by local councils where we are seeing our town centre’s neglected, we also have to priorities our services so we can feel proud of our town and don’t put out the wrong message to those who come as tourists and day visitors.

“I have prepared an invoice and will be presenting this to the Council to highlight just what little it would cost to employ people to maintain our town centre and further afield over the three months of the summer season.

“Up to now the Wigtown Area committee has had £1/4 million of discretionary grant to hand out yearly and I see no reason why some of this money could not be used to do what the many volunteers did today bearing in mind there will always be plenty other things volunteers could do however many times per year to demonstrate their civic pride which was tremendous just to be a part of that on Sunday.

“The Town Centre has never looked better for a good number of years and the challenge will now be for the Council to maintain the Town Centre to this standard.”