Toys are us at Leswalt!

The Leswalt pupils
The Leswalt pupils

Pupils at Leswalt Primary were recently delighted when local resident Stewart McCulloch popped into school to hand in a donation of money for the children at school.

Mr McCulloch can normally be found down at the Kirkland pond, helping local fishermen of the area. He held a fishing competition at the Kirland pond recently and a raffle generated £80. The school has been using Kirkland pond, for the last two years as part of it’s “Wider achievement” programme. This initiative allows different children to go down to the Kirkland pond on a Friday afternoon and learn the skills of fishing. Mr Mc Culloch felt as the school supported the fishing, he would like to give something back to the school.

Mrs Baillie (headteacher) told the pupil council of the donation and they were keen to use the money to buy in some new playground toys. The following day, Kerr in Primary 7 came in with his Argos book from home, so that they could decide what to spend the money on. The money was soon spent on new footballs, a swingball set, a parachute and lots more. The pupil council were happy and shared the good news and new additions to the toy box with their classmates.

Many thanks must go to Mr Mc Culloch for his support of the local village school. The pupil council hope that he will enjoy driving past the school and see all the new toys being enjoyed by the boys and girls.