Thought for the Week with Rev. Edward Lyons

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Several days ago I was driving along a B road in our region and at the side of the road stood an old BT phone box. It looked like it was no longer in use. Growing up in the 1980s I can remember the phone boxes and the times when they redesigned them and put a new logo on them.

At the time these must have been lifelines for people to connect them to others they loved and knew or people they simply needed to contact.

In the Old Testament the church of God knew God in this way. He was to be found most intensely at set times and at set places. Usually in and through the priesthood of set people called the Levites.

The idea that God and all his richness could be found anywhere was as foreign to them as the mobile phone was to me in the 1980s. I needed to go to set places at set times to speak to humans and the Old testament people needed to go to set place and people at set times to speak to God.

On Pentecost Sunday all that changed, forever. The Holy Spirit did not just come to a room in a building but to the people in the room. The room was not merely changed in itself but the people who were in the room were changed. Imagine how good it would have been to have an iPhone in 1985? You could call any landline, no texts, no internet but at least you could call anyone at any time. This is exactly what the Holy Spirit does for those who are Christians. We can approach God anywhere and at anytime. Even watching the news should lead us to prayer and then to action. Don’t treat your prayer life like it is 1985. From what we see in our own nation even today, phone box prayers, by this I mean only praying when in a church building, would never be enough.