Thought for the Week with Rev. Edward Lyons

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In the Bible we are told God created us male and female and in his image all are made. This includes the ones who will kill out of hate and the ones who are killed. All of us are in God’s image, even if we shame him by our actions.

In these dark days of terrorist attacks in London and around the world, some have pleaded for the removal of something, anything to stop these killings. Some ideas have already floated into my inbox. Banning religion has been high up on the list. Can banning religion do it? Simply put, no, because history shows that humans will kill because of politics that never even include God.

Is that not what our leaders did with the countries we have invaded or liberated over the past decade? None of our leaders cited God as a reason for going to war yet they still went ahead with force which led to even more suffering.

For the killers in our world, wherever they are, be it London, Paris or further afield, it is not what we can take from them that would help us all, as though banning them from something would improve them indefinitely. At best it would help for a limited time but it would not change the person, only curtail them. Now for a short time measure this might be wise, but not a for a longer term picture.

We must admit it was done by people made in God’s image to People made in God’s image. If not, we face a great danger indeed. We must not allow the evil deeds of the killers to blind us to the humanity of each and every person living today. We are, one and all, made in God’s image and as such we should pray for victim and perpetrator alike, and extend Christian love, which believes all of us can be changed by God, even the most brutal of people, and all can be comforted by Him.