Thought for the week with Rev. Edward Lyons

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“And the books were opened” (Revelation 20:12) There is a difference between a waste and a tragedy. Most if not all will face tragedy but we do not need to always see it as a waste. A waste can be a loss with no prospect of any return at all, but tragedy can be quite different.

In one way I admire people who are atheists. They appear to be able look at a loved one and say that when they have died, all they have been will live on only in the lives of loved ones and paintings, music or books. Also all the crimes against one another, like people killed in our capital, may go without justice if we at the human level fail to catch those responsible. Incredibly this is all conducted in a framework of faith. Atheism is not the absence of faith, but the absence of faith in God.

How much are we all remembering our great, great grandparents now I wonder? If like me, then not at all. Then so much for them living on in the lives of family. It is more like an echo for a generation or two then silence. Justice may be just as elusive for the millions of people who are living in troubled lands right now. More than most weeks my faith in Jesus has steadied me. The Bible teaches we are accountable to him. I am and so are you and so are all the people in our news for all the wrong reasons. God has given humanity a freedom. We hold the greatest of potentials with it, and sadly because of sin we are capable of the darkest of horrors. Christ sees us for what we are and what we have done. When I look at the mangled ruins of a plane in a field of sunflowers, I think to myself, what a tragedy, but because I have faith in Jesus I am able to say it will ultimately, when time has ended, not be a waste. There is a life to come and there will be justice.