Thought for the Week

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Thirty minutes in my car while sitting still and I got from England to France. The Tunnel from Folkestone to Calais is as quick as that. A tunnel which connects the two great land masses of the UK and the European mainland.

Yet, to the eye on the ground or from the M20 or even from the sky above it is unseen. Since the tunnel like all tunnels is an underground feature. From bridges to tunnels, from level crossings to ferries, our whole mindset is programmed to connect things. We work hard to connect the land to the sea and the island to the mainland and the north of a city to the south of it over rivers and mountains. Very few things, if any, can happen in isolation. The world is strangely interconnected and we like it that way.

The greatest connection is man with God, Creator with the created, the lost with the one who seeks to guide, the broken with the healer and the sinner with the Saviour.

We cannot see Jesus in physical form before our eyes as the Apostles did, any easier than I could see the tunnel from the M20. But the evidence for the tunnel abounds. People go into it and come out to France and the French people appear over here! The same is true of Christianity. It may look a fortress of thoughts and buildings from a distance. But get on the train and find out for yourself. You will discover we get help when we need it. We can have this wonderful blessing now. God has recorded what we need to know about him and ourselves in the Scripture and promised us the Holy Spirit to then understand them. By faith we are connected in a mysterious way to God, but not in a unknowable way. Come on now what are you waiting for?