Thomas Lenaghan survived the war and went on to have a family of nine

Private Thomas Lenaghan
Private Thomas Lenaghan


The Galloway Gazette, June 30th, 1917

William Lenaghan from Mitchell Terrace, Newton Stewart, brought this photo of his father, Private Thomas Lenaghan, into The Galloway Gazette office on Tuesday this week to tie in with the following snippet printed in the Gazette at the end of June 1917.

At that time, Private Lenaghan’s mother (William’s grandmother) who was living in the Isle of Whithorn, had just got official word that her son, who served with the Cameron Highlanders, had been admitted to an English hospital suffering from a severe gunshot wound. After two years at the Front, this had been the third time Private Lenaghan had been wounded.

William, now aged 85, says his father survived the war and returned to home, married, and had a family of nine children, of which he and one sister are still alive.

His father worked on farms at the Isle of Whithorn and Whauphill before retiring and he died in 1983 at the age of 83.

William says he talked about the war to him saying that if you were injured, you were sent home so the local doctor could make you better, then as soon as you were fit again you were sent straight back to the front line.

William says he was very proud of his father and his war service.