Third album from Steve Dowling and the Oblivates

'Austerity' from Steve Dowling & The Oblivates
'Austerity' from Steve Dowling & The Oblivates

Steve Dowling and The Oblivates return with their third album ‘Austerity’ once again recorded at Unit 7 Studio at Bladnoch.

‘Austerity’ sees the band expand their sound and scope with a brass section, pedal steel, banjo and more. This third album is the first not to be recorded entirely live, although most of it was done that way!

Few writers have such an immediately recognisable style as Dowling and ‘Austerity’ finds him in fine lyrical form and his band growing tighter and meaner with each album. With ‘Austerity’ Steve Dowling & The Oblivates it seems, have struck gold.

‘Austerity’ is aptly titled as the band label, Distilled Records, ran out of funds after the album was recorded. Undeterred, Dowling and his Oblivates launched a Kickstarter campaign and raised enough money to get the album finished themselves.

The track ‘Austerity’ had a very hastily made video released to show ‘solidarity with the people of Greece’. The track ‘Rolling Sea’ had a rather more fancy film to go with it, having some left over cash from the crowd funding project.

Steve Dowling & The Oblivates played a number of blistering live shows on completion of the recording and since then, the Galloway hills have become strangely still. Steve has been spotted in a corner of his local, brooding over a vicious stout, pen in hand, unapproachable, snarling something about his mortality and a musical.....