‘Super Safety’ in Whithorn Primary School

Delivering the message about 'Anti-social Behaviour.
Delivering the message about 'Anti-social Behaviour.

Whithorn Primary School hosted a “Super Safety” afternoon for parents and friends recently.

The afternoon consisted of scenarios and songs about internet safety, anti-social behaviour, road safety and drugs and medicine.

The headteacher, Mrs Steele, opened the afternoon by introducing police constables Alison Hannah and Lynne Steele, who had been working closely with the pupils and staff to give them an awareness of the dangers in both the real world and the online world. She then spoke of how the afternoon and the work covered ties in with Curriculum for Excellence and on how the school strives to make us successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

P3/4 were first to present with their road safety song, “Keep Safe, Stay Alive”. They also spoke about the importance of a booster seat when a child is below 135cm or under 12 years of age when travelling in a car.

P1/2 presented ‘Drugs and Medicine’ and gave the message to the pupils to always ask an adult if needing to take medicine or tell a responsible adult if they see needles, pills or any other form of medicine lying around. They finished with a rap which they had made up and got the audience to participate in this.

P4/5/6 presented four short scenarios illustrating anti-social behaviour. The message was clear that anti-social behaviour can cause, stress, fear, annoyance and alarm to the public and this should be avoided by thinking about the games we play outside, how these can affect people and how we treat other people.

Finally, P6/7 presented a powerpoint showing the simple rules we should follow on the internet and the dangers of not following these rules, particularly on social networking sites. Three scenarios then followed to illustrate some of these dangers; talking to strangers on the internet as people on the internet are not always who they say they are and cyber bullying.

After the presentations Constable Hannah spoke to the audience and then showed a clip highlighting the consequences of sharing personal information on the internet. The audience were then asked to leave feedback on the afternoon. The comments were very supportive, for example, “Sound advice to make everyone, adults and children, aware of internet dangers”, and “Very informative for kids and adults!”

The school thanked Constables Hannah and Steele for all their inputs and to the parents and friends who came to support the event.

Written by P7s Reagan Neeson, Sarah Sunderland, Stephen McCormick and Robert Smith.