Something to Think About with Rev. Ian McLachlan

For me one of the most fascinating of all God's creatures is the butterfly. And as summer is now here, I very much hope that in the coming weeks I will find that a number of them will be fluttering around in my garden.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 9th June 2017, 3:12 pm
Updated Friday, 9th June 2017, 3:13 pm

There is something very uplifting about seeing these insects seemingly enjoying themselves flying around a garden in the sunshine. There are a whole variety of different butterflies but each one of them has its own special beauty. What is rather interesting about them is that they do not start out as butterflies. They have to take time to reach that stage. A butterfly begins as an egg, which then hatches out to become a caterpillar. In time the caterpillar becomes a chrysalis before bursting forth to become a butterfly. In a sense they transform themselves.

The whole concept of transformation is fascinating. It is interesting just how many folk tales contain transformation scenes in them. Transformations intrigue us because when they happen, something becomes something else. Usually something much better.

At the very heart of the Christian gospel is the belief that transformation is possible for everybody. If somebody feels that their life is not going in the direction that they want it to, then they can change it.

Christians believe that if someone decides to follow Jesus Christ and become his disciple, then a transformation will take place within that person and hopefully he/she will end up becoming a better person for it. The twelve core disciples were ordinary folk leading pretty ordinary lives. That was until Jesus transformed them into some of the most important people who have ever lived and whose work has lived on ever since.