Something to Think About with Rev. Edward Lyons

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Spiritual discernment is one of the most important virtues any Christian can have. Put simply it is simply knowing what to do and when to do it.

Yet it is surprising how often we can be lacking in it. From one minute to the next we are confronted with choice. It is possible to be paralysed because of choice. And of course it is all too possible to make the wrong choice. In all of this we may wonder how to discern God’s will for us.

The Bible gives us the framework for our lives. We are told who God is, who we are and the sort of things we can expect from God and ourselves. However, the Bible does not tell us who we should marry, or what we should eat for lunch.

One of the most helpful guides to being able to discern comes from the prayer Christ taught his disciples. He prayed, “Give us this day our daily bread”. Daily bread was a need during this time. Without bread they would die. The Apostle Paul also taught that the Holy Spirit helps us in our praying to The Father. So how does this happen?

One of things The Spirit does is to present our needs to God. The great problem is most of us most of the time are too interested in our wants. Our hearts desire our wants as much as our needs. If you are asking more questions like, “what am I getting from this?” rather than “how does my brother feel, or my sister? and ultimately God?” then we are answering our wants, not needs.

How happy and content are we in life, in work, in play, in church and in worship and in God? Then ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to search your heart for what is really your guiding principle. Are we seeking the Lord for wants or for needs? Jesus promised that if we seek we shall find.