Something to Think About with Rev. Edward Lyons

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”It is not what you know but who you know that matters”. I dread entering shops that have two key features. One is that they have very few items on display and the second is that they have no price tags anywhere in sight. From this I usually conclude that I cannot afford any of the items.

Now if money was not an issue and I had an unlimited amount of it I suppose I could go in and seriously consider the possibility of a purchase. Yet my financial resources are not unlimited. In truth in every single thing we ever involve ourselves with, limitation is waiting to make its presence felt.

Humans simply have to accept that every deal, every bond, every union in our terms and in our strength has its limits. This is why it always breaks, and death makes sure of it. Death for us is the final price ticket. As the price ticket stops a purchase in a shop, so death stops us in our tracks.

Yet Christians have a somewhat different economy. Once we come to trust Jesus and his resurrection, we never leave the union we have with God. The cost to God to achieve this was beyond our comprehension, but not his. It was beyond the depth of our love and ability but not his. The Bible teaches that Christ applies his credit to those who trust him, to those who were and still are debtors to God. We are then viewed by God with a status that we did not earn, but were given in Christ by exercising faith in him. Now death cannot hold those of us in Christ who believe. Now we know, no shop would ever let us buy their very best products simply because we knew a man who could. But remember, God is not a shopkeeper. And as we said at the start, “It is not what you know but who you know that matters.” Do you know Jesus?