Something to Think About

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Psalm one says, “And on God’s law he meditates day and night.” When I was younger there were no sales on any internet to be had. People owned paper catalogues such as Littlewoods amongst many others. On my birthday I would be able to select a toy or a game for a Sega Mastersystem II from one of these catalogues. It felt incredible looking at all the pages filled with lovely pictures of what I could have.

Reality was often more of a let down. When the gifts came they never looked the same as they did on the pages of the catalogue. Car toys were photographed with exotic race courses or city scapes. Sitting on my 1970/80s heavy patterned bedroom carpet was somehow not as good as a model of Silverstone or of Gotham city. There was a huge disparity between what was claimed and what was real. In the Christian life we are constantly confronted by the same issue at a deeper level. What is claimed costs us nothing, what is real and lived out by us costs us everything. What is on the outside case or packaging is not what is on the inside.

We are to strive to blend both together to have an integrity that many sales pitches lack. That what we say as Christians is also what we mean and we mean what we say. Some people tell us we need to take a look at ourselves in the mirror to achieve this. Sadly this will not help us, for the eyes staring into the reflection are our own. They will be as bias as it gets. We need another mirror to show us who we are and what we are like. This is why King David in the Psalms says that the one who really possesses faith in God will not only profess that faith but live it out. It will be borne out of daily reflection on the one mirror that cannot lie, The Word of God.