Something to Think About

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“No storm can touch my inward calm” goes a hymn in the Church of Scotland hymn book. In Switzerland this year I saw a real Rolls Royce and thought of the conversation with regards to the buying of one. If you ask the running cost, you simply can’t afford it. You are meant to want the car and it is not a purchase based on it being affordable but rather one based upon it being desirable.

Watching the storms break across the Atlantic shows just how fragile the things we place importance upon are. These masters, houses and cars cannot withstand even a storm.

Why build a wall at such great cost that can be tunnelled under, climbed over or blown down? Answer: We will be more secure. Is the hope of security found in walls? Europe has had its walls, Israel still has one and the history of them all is rather bleak.

The real answer is not in the building of a wall, but in the breaking down of one. The answer is not in the acquisition of the objects of the world but in the ability to be free from them. We can have materials, even enjoy them, but if we cannot put them down or give them away to those in greater need then we are owned by them rather than the other way around.

When I looked at the man in the car in Switzerland I thought to myself, does he own the car or does it own him? Jesus said, he is the way and he is the gate to heaven thus showing us he is opening something to us and not closing it down. He is removing a spiritual barrier not building one up.

To know him in our lives is to know freedom in the fullest sense. For Christ as God the Son has opened the way to God the Father, he has given the Christian God the Spirit and no wall, or storm can separate us from his love.