Something to Think About

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When did you last speak to God? Imagine walking into a shop and shouting at the manager that since they are a manager in a department store they should get along to your favourite football team and replace the current boss.

The problem here is we have addressed a wrong manager. And by doing so can hardly expect to get anywhere with our requests. Many people would say they get nowhere with their requests to God, now why might this be?

There would have been a time in Scotland when the landscape was covered with religious and pagan idols. Some would be made from wood, stone or even some precious metals. The question an idol leaves us with is who is actually the god being addressed? Is it the God who made us in his image, or the god we made in ours? One will answer, the other will remain silent.

The God of the Bible forbids the making of images of himself to be created and used for worship for one very simple reason, they all fall short of articulating him. How could a statue show immortality or the fact that God is ever present. Today many of us think we are free from Idol use and worship. We must be addressing God when we pray, but the question may be what God? We can say that we pray, go to church, even believe in God. Yet upon closer inspection, the god who is being believed in is an idol and nothing more. One we have made, not with wood and stone but with our ideas and biases. Maybe some of the reasons we see so little help from God in the form of guidance and wonders may be we are not addressing the right person at all in the first place. So when did you last speak to God?