Simon hits Galloway on his 5500 mile run round the entire coast

Running through Galloway this week was 56-year-old Simon Clark, who is attempting to run around the 5500 coastline of Britain.

Simon, from Findhorn, will be running at least three marathons in the middle of the one-year-long trip.

He called into the Mull of Galloway, Port William and Gatehouse recently and by today (Friday) he hopes to be at Dalbeattie.

Two months and 1300 miles into this coastal run he has finished the Edinburgh marathon and will also compete in the Moscow and Nairobi marathons later this year in further breaks from the run around Britain.

All this is to celebrate and publicise his favourite charity Ecologia Youth Trust’s valuable work with youngsters in Russia and Kenya, and not least to extend a journey of discovery into his own mental, emotional and physical limits.

Simon set off from his home on 27 March to run anticlockwise around Britain’s crinkly coast to celebrate Ecologia Youth Trust’s 20th Anniversary and raise at least £10,000 – about £2 per mile - to support its work.

So far during his coastal run Simon has averaged some 20 miles a day.

Inspired by Rosie Swale Pope’s adventures, as described in her book Just a Little Run Around the World, Simon plans to follow the edge of mainland Britain, to test his own limits, his own edge. Simon is dedicating his journey of self-discovery to supporting Ecologia Youth Trust’s work with neglected, abused and vulnerable children facing their own tremendous challenges. He explains:

“If we can’t give all the children of the world the best start possible, we have to wonder what we’re doing here. It’s so difficult for children in materially poor countries to get to grips with education and achieve worthwhile change whilst being under nourished and shelterless.

“Giving - no doubt at times, grinding out - effort to benefit youngsters who have less fortuitous circumstances than mine seems the least I can do, and the thought of carrying and needing very little, while asking others to give a lot to improve the lives of children seems the best of affairs.”

As Simon is running without any support team and can only carry a limited amount, offers of meals and beds/floors to sleep on are also being sought. Company and encouragement from other runners en route would be welcomed too.

Simon’s fundraising page is at, As well as the physical challenge, Simon has set himself a second goal – to raise £10,000 in aid of the Scotland-based charity Ecologia Youth Trust. Donations can be made via