Scozzesi score with music fans

On Sunday 22nd November the members of Newton Stewart & District Music Club gathered at the Cinema for what had been promised to be an evening of charm and enchantment in the company of Scotland’s latest vocal ensemble.

This indeed turned out to be true and also gave an evening of vocal dexterity and humour.

The group was “Scozzesi”, (meaning Scottish men) comprising tenors Roger Paterson and Kenneth Reid, and baritones Douglas Nairne and Jonathan Kennedy. They were accompanied on the piano by Andrew Brown. The audience were treated to music from Grand Opera, operettas, Gilbert and Sullivan, musicals and a selection of arrangements of traditional Scottish songs.

The four singers performed as a quartet, trio, duo and soloists, with a repertoire which warmed the hearts of the audience on a very cold night, captivating them with nostalgia, pathos and comedy. Their classically trained voices filled the auditorium without the use of microphones and Andrew Brown’s accompaniment was truly remarkable and virtuosic as it worked in true harmony.

After rapturous applause the evening was appropriately rounded off with a performance of “Some Enchanted Evening” from South Pacific.

“Scozzesi” really are an exciting new male Scottish Ensemble.