Schoolgirl falls in love with rescue horse

Ceefax, Jodie and Dana will feature on Border Life
Ceefax, Jodie and Dana will feature on Border Life

The bond between 12-year-old Douglas Ewart High School pupil Jodie Stewart and her 21-year old rescue horse Ceefax would warm any heart.

So much so there were filmed today at Calgow Equestrian for a feature in the ITV programme Border Life, telling the story of how they found each other.

Jodie and her mum Dana, who live in Minnigaff, were looking for a new jumping pony at the start of the showjumping season at Calgow Equestrian, where the Stewart family keep their horses.

A chance conversation led them to handsome 14.12 hands high bay gelding Ceefax, who had recently arrived at The Mane and 3 R’s Horse Rescue Centre near Gatehouse.

Having contacted The Mane, Jodie and Ceefax had a trial run out over the jumps at Calgow one Tuesday evening and, as Jodie said “we just clicked”.

A bit of research by Dana revealed that Ceefax had qualified for the Horse of the Year Show with a previous owner and rejuvenated by his association with Jodie, is relishing being back in the show jumping ring.

The pair have formed a strong bond and love taking part in the weekly jumping competitions at Calgow Equestrian, run by Anne Jolly.

Jodie said: “He’s amazing. I just love him to bits and he’ll have a home here until he retires and he’s an old man!”