Round the coast litterpicking pair

Wayne and Koda at Port William Caravan Site
Wayne and Koda at Port William Caravan Site

Having walking over 500 miles, the one man and his dog team on a UK-wide litter pick mission were welcomed to Galloway by all the communites they visited.

On Monday, Wayne Dixon and his Northern Inuit dog Koda spent two night in Port William, courtesy of the village caravan site on the King’s Green, where he spend the day litterpicking as well as educating children at the local primary school about taking care of their environment.

Former social worker Wayne, 44, and his faithful companion Koda, set off on a 7000 mile journey of the UK coast back in February, collecting unsightly litter and binning it as they go.

Wayne has only a rucksack of supplies for his journey as he and Koda camp out along the way.

Inspired to make a difference to the coast, Wayne said: “I’m making this journey in memory of my day who passed away three years ago and he was always concerned about the environment. I have covered 573 miles so far. I hope to complete it in three years. I’ll be visiting schools along the way and litterpicking as I walk.

“I walked from St Ninian’s cave back onto the road and filled two bags of rubbish. some of it is from the sea but a lot of it is thrown from the window of cars.

“You can see a lot of the palsstic lying about has been eaten so animal and birds are ingesting it. Koda also got his paw cut on a discarded can. But the support of the people has been fantastic.

“Scotland is a beautiful country and I’ve been saddened to see litter on road sides and in some of the incredible beaches I’ve already visited.

“I’ve always felt very annoyed by litter, there’s so many beautiful places around the coast and I can’t understand why people don’t take pride and try to keep the place they live clean. One day I became so angry about the litter I saw whilst out walking that I started picking it up. After this my anger turned into empowerment and I knew then I had a real purpose for this 7000 mile journey.

“Walking the coast of the UK was something I had a dream about 30 years ago and this is the right time. When I was younger I used to go on a lot of walks with my father and we had planned to do this trip together one day, but sadly he passed away before we had the chance. Now I’m making the journey with Koda.

“Some of the beaches around Dumfries and Galloway are absolutely breath-taking and it was really great to see the local school children taking an interest and determined to tackle the litter. I’d like to say thanks to all those who helped out and I hope they feel proud to have made a difference.”

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