Port gets annual carnival weel underway

Port William’s annual carnival week got off to the best possible start last Saturday when beautiful blue skies looked down on the seaside village.

The most important event of the day, by far, took place in the marquee on the Harbour Green with the crowning of the carnival queen for 2015 Sabina Sobczak, by well-known businessman Duncan Barr. Queen Sabina will be attending events throughout the festivities which will finish on Sunday.

Saturday afternoon is also the traditional sports day up in the Maxwell Park and a good turn-out of competitors and spectators watched some very competitive races.



Girls 3 and under - 1, Sophie Christe Ostberg; 2, Aili Lochrie; 3, Flora Simpson

Boys 3 and under - 1, Magnus Dempster; 2, Hamish Lindsay; 3, Noah Gaw

Girls 5-7 -1, Phoebe Gaw; Hazel Dempster; 3, Mika Lochrie

Boys 5-7 - 1, Thomas Simpson; 2, Angus Lindsay

Girls 8-10 -1, Tilly Christie; 2, Natalie Gaw; 3, Anna Christie

Boys 8-10 -1, Luke Higgins; 2, Andrew Smith; 3, Oliver Galloway

Girls 11-13 -1, Lucy Gaw; 2, Jenni Brooke

Boys 11-13 -1, Gregor Gaw; 2, Callum Fingland; 3, Robbie Brooke

Spoon / Golf

Girls under 5 -1, Aili Lochrie; 2, Aisha Quinn; 3, McKayla Lockhart

Boys under 5 - 1, Noah Gaw; 2, Magnus Dempster; 3, Hamish Lindsay

Gilrs 507 -1, Carrie Kirk; 2, Hazel Dempster; 3, Kayla Sullivan

Boys 6-7 - 1, Thomas Simpson; 2, Angus Lindsay; 3, Scott Vance

Girls 8-10 -1, Chloe McElrea; 2, Tilly Christie; 3, Rebecca Wilson

Boys 8-10 - 1, Luke Higgins; 2, Jack Lochhead; 3, Oliver Galloway

Gilrs 11-13 - 1, Lucy Gaw; 2, Jenni Brooke; 3, Rachel Wilson

Monkey Race

Girls under 3 -1, Sophie Christie Ostberg; 3, Alisha Quinn

Boys under 5 -1, Magnus Dempster; 2, Hamish Lindsay; 3, Liam Smith

Girls 5- 7 - 1, Hazel Dempster; 2, Phoebe Gaw; 3, Carie Kirk

Boys 5-7 -1, Thomas Simpson; 2, Angus Lindsay

Girls 8-10 - 1=, Chloe McElrea / Tilly Christie; 3, Anna Christie

Boys 8-10 - 1, Oliver Galloway; 2, Jack Lochhead; 3, Kerr Brooke

Sack race

Girls 5-7 -1, Phoebe Gaw; 2, Hazel Dempster; 3, Mika Lochrie

Boys 5-7 -1, Thomas Simpson; 2, Angus Lindsay

Girls 8- 10 -1, Abigail Turner; 2, Tilly Christie; 3, Chloe McElrea

Boys 8- 10 -1, Jack Lochhead; 2, Kerr Brooke; 3, Oliver Galloway

Girls 11-13 - 1, Lucy Gaw; 2=, Rachel Wilson / Jenni Brooke

Ladies - 1, Fiona McElrea; 2, Megan McPhillips; 3, Kim Christie

Gents -1, Lewis Dodds; 2, Martin Wallace; 3, Alisdair Gaw

Horse and Jockey

Girls 5-10 -1, Chloe McElrea & Anna Chrisite; 2, Rebecca Wilson & Drew Lochrie; 3, Ella Simpson & Charlotte Gaw

Boys 5-10 - 1, Oliver Galloway & Kerr Brooke; 2, Thomas Simpson & Robbie Brooke

Girs 11-13 -1, Lucy Gaw & Jenni Brooke; 2, Fern Lochrie & Rachel Wilson

Girls 8-10 - 1, Chloe McElrea & Anna Chistie; 2, Drew Lochrie & Rebecca Wilson; 3, Natalie Gaw & Kelsey Quinn

Three-legged race

Girls 9-10 -1, Lucy Gaw & Jenni Brooke; 2, Fern Lochrie & Rachel Wilson

Boys 9-10 -1, Robbie Brooke & Kerr Brooke; 2, Oliver Galloway & Thomas Simpson

Adults - 1, Kim Christie Ostberg & Rachel Christie; 2, Lucy Gaw & Jenni Brooke; 3, Chloe McElrea & Anna Christie

100m dash - 1, Calum Gaw; 2, Cameron Adam; 3, Peter Simpson

440m -1, David Gaw; 2, Calum Gaw; 3, Lucy Gaw

1 mile - 1, Martin Wallace; 2, Lucy Gaw; 3, Calum Gaw

The dog agility show also attracted many spectators in the park.

Carnival Week 2015 officially started last Friday evening with a Silent Auction in the Grand Marquee. Although the weather was more like a November night with wind and heavy rain, there was a good turn out by not only locals but visitors. The Chair of the Community Association, Mr Shaun Dodds also acted as Auctioneer for the evening where he received a number of bids for individual items such as a original painting of Port William by local artist Lisa Hooper.

As usual Saturday morning was the Scarecrow Completion, organised by Mrs Annie Murray. There were only three entries this year and the winner was Shaun Dodds with his late entry. Miss Lauren Fingland undertook her last presentation as the 2014 Carnival Queen at this event.

During that afternoon’s crowning ceremony, Shaun Dodds said this was the 65th Carnival Week and it is a wonderful legacy for those “good souls” who originally set up the Community Association, that it is still going so strong. On Saturday evening due to the retirement of the Fiddlers and Torrie Band, there will be Variety Show (Port William Style) but part of this event will host the presentation of 20 Community Champion Awards. In her retiring speech, Miss Lauren Fingland spoke of how she had enjoyed her year as Queen, not only during Carnival Week but the events throughout the past year that she had attended. She said the best piece of advice she could give to any new Queen would be to grab any opportunity to sleep as it is a full and busy week, with early mornings and late nights.

The Guest of Honour was Mr Duncan Barr, of 3B Construction, especially appropriate as it was the construction company that the Carnival Queen Elects’ father came to work for, when he brought his family across from Poland to Port William. Following the Crowning, Sabina Sobczak, in her first speech of her reign, spoke about how having lived in Port William for the past nine years, this is where she would always consider home. Sabina went on to speak about the honour she felt having been elected as Carnival Queen 2015 and hoped she would prove to be a good citizen whilst undertaking the role.

The Grand Marquee hosted the annual Carnival Queen’s Ball and music was by the popular band MPH. The Carnival Queen Sabina and Chairman Shaun, opened the dance. They were then joined by Retiring Queen Lauren and the new Treasurer of Port William Community Association Mr Andrew Adam.

First on the Sunday programme was a 10k Fun Run, ably organised by Fiona McElrea and her band of stewards. 18 people braved the heavy showers and the winners were:

1, Gary Flannigan Whithorn; 2, John Rennie, Girvan; 3=, Jemma McNeil, Kirkcowan and Graeme Barr Port William.

The first Church Service of Carnival Week was taken by the Rev Joyce Harvey and the theme being “Christmas in August”. Readings were undertaken by the Chairman and both Carnival Queens. The Grand Marquee hosted a Craft Fair during the day, with 15 local crafts people displaying their amazing range of skills, from wood turning to stained glass. Due to the immense success of last year, the children’s afternoon event was Crab fishing from the Harbour. Again this was extremely popular, with young people stretched along the whole length of the harbour with different and inventive types of bait to lore as many crustaceans as possible to their hooks. The event was once again organised by Andrew Adam, aided by his grandson Cameron and Robin Kinnear. Owing to the number of catches that occurred, it was decided that judging would be based on weight of the largest crab. The Carnival Queen presented prizes to:

Under 7 years: Sophie (62grms)

7-9 years: Anthony (85grms)

10 – 12 years: Jack (103grms).

Sunday afternoon continued with the annual Open Pairs Bowling competition. There were 18 entries this year and the winners were Doit Kiltie and Donald Lockhart and runners up Alistair McMillan and Lillian Kiltie. Many thanks go to convenor and greenkeeper Jock McClurg for his running of the competition. Sunday events continued in the evening with the ever popular “Curry and Quiz” in the Monreith Arms Hotel. 28 teams took part.


1, The Harrisons; 2, McLelland; 3 ,The Osbornes. First prize was the “Woke” trophy (donated by Briars Engravers, Wigtown) and £100 cash. Quiz master was Mr Richard Dean, Adjudicator/Scorer Mrs Angie Ashton and Mrs Moira Adams and sound system provided by Mr Paul Gorman., Special thanks has to go to all who cooked the variety of curries on offer, Ian Jolly, Laura Lawson, Katy McLelland, Hilary Pavitt and Dib Penrose (Lasagne) and the good folk working away in the kitchen, Allan Murphie, Margo Dodds, Adel Kiltie and Laura McLelland, and not least Mr John Kay owner of the Monreith Arms who provides use of his hotel for events throughout the week.

Monday morning events centred on children, starting with New Age Curling. The competition winners were:

Under 9 years: 1st Aimee Bell , 2nd Sophie Bunce and 3rd Kayla Sullivan

Over 9 years: 1st Junior, 2nd Brogan Lockhart, 3rd Graham Smith

The ever-popular Baby Show was next, organised by Shirlee Kevan and Eunice Murray. Judges were Fiona Fuggle and her mother Connie Macleod, both regular visitors and participants of Carnival Week events. Entries were high and the winners were:

0 – 6 months: 1. Yasmin Moncur, 2nd Mason Walton, 3rd Abel Stuart and 4th Matthew Kevan.

6-12months: 1st Edward Wyman, 2nd Mazie Rennie, 3rd Leyland Harrison

1-2 years: 1st Jack Kirk, 2nd Carron Irving, 3rd Brodie Tate

2-3 years: 1st Katie Wright, 2nd Iona McLaughlin, 3rd Lucas Moncur 4th Jay Broughton and 5th Jack Wyman

3-4 years: 1st Lucy Curruthers, 2nd Liam Smith, 3rd Aleugha Watson, 4th Archie Tate

Overall winner was Jack Kirk and runner up was Yasmin Moncur. The Youngest Baby Silver plate went to Abel Stuart (13 days old).

The Baby show was followed by the Teddy Bears Picnic, but due to the cold wind, this was held in the Grand Marquee. About 100 little people brought their teddy bears along to join in the fun. This year’s children’s entertainer was Franc Karpo from Dumfries.

Monday evening was a time for the adults with cash bingo in the Maxwell Hall, run by Machars Lions. Whilst in the Grand Marquee a good crowd listened to the history of the Dourie Farming Company by Rory Christie and a very entertaining talk on “Life as a Vet” by Graham Bell from the Stewartry. To help things along, there was also an opportunity to test one’s knowledge of whisky, through sampling six different brands. If whisky tasting was not your tipple and sport more your direction, then pool, darts and dominoes were also being played at the same time, or you could have been at the daylong Open Golf tournament at St Medan’s.

The golf, organised by Mr Lindsey Ker, had 46 entries this year. The winners were:

Ladies: 3 played – Dewar Shield Scratch. A Graham – 88

Gents: 43 played – McDonald Trophy Scratch – J Penrose – 68

1st Class.

1. L Ker – 74-9-65

2. M Wallace – 75 – 6 – 69

3. S Hughes Jnr – 83-12-71

Lee Boyce – 82 -11-71

2nd Class.

1. Garry Duffy – 87-24-63

2. M Greaves – 83-19-64

B Stryjewski – 77-13-64

3. I Bell – 83-15-68

C Stewart – 95 – 17 -68

PIRSAC Trophy for the Best Net Score on day – J Penrose – 62-46

Following his outstanding win at St Medan’s , Jeffrey Penrose returned to Port William and went on to defeat his younger brother Dean in the final of the adult pool competition. It seemed to be an evening of repeat winners, with Doit Kiltie retaining his darts trophy and again Dean Penrose was runner-up. Dominoes winner was Tommy Kiltie, having taken the lead from young Jnr Kiltie.

At every event, either busy selling raffle tickets or presenting prizes was Carnival Queen Sabina. Monday evening always proves difficult for our Queens as they have to be in four places at once! Popping from one event to another trying to present here pull a raffle ticket there. But Sabina in her usual cool manner managed to keep one step ahead and carry out her duties with grace and aplomb.