Planning applications

The following planning applications have been lodged with Dumfries and Galloway Council:

Monday, 12th September 2016, 4:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 13th September 2016, 9:43 am
Illustration depicting a sign with a planning application concept.

GLENLUCE, Castle of Park, alterations including installation of oak box guttering and water chute to east elevation and cleaning of render; applicant Mrs Lockett (16/P/1/0146).

GATEHOUSE-OF-FLEET, Memory Lane, erection of five dwellinghouses, installation of septic tanks and soakaways and formation of access; applicant Mr R Hesketh (16/p/2/0206).

WIGTOWN, Kirkland Hill, Lovers Walk, installation of electricity generator within acoustic equipment housing; applicant Alexander Ball (16/C/1/0025).

CREETOWN, Cambret Hill, installation of electricty generator within acoustic equipment housing; applicant Alexander Ball (16/C//2/0016).

GATEHOUSE OF FLEET, plot 4, opposite 7/8 Memory Lane, erection of dwellinghouse and domestic shed / workshop; applicant Mr Young (16/P/2/0213).

PORT WILLIAM, Little Killantrae Croft, deposit of dredged material (in assocation with harbour dredging); applicant Mr Gerrish (16/P/1/0151).

KIRKCUDBRIGHT, plot 22, Cannee, erection of dwellinghouse; applicant Mr Meechan (16/P/2/0217).

KIRKCOLM, The Elms, Main Street, change of use of stable block to form dwellinghouse; applicant Mr Sandy Burgess (16/P/1/0153).

LESWALT, High Allando, erection of domestic double garage; applicant Mr and Mrs R Kyle (16/P/1/0154).

GLENLUCE, transmitting station, Fell Wood, removal of 4 omni antennas and installation of 3 panel antennas and 2 dishes on to existing 25M mast; CTIL (16/C/1/0027).

WHITHORN, Southern Machars Medical Practice, 3 St John Street, installation of external defibrillator cabinet; applicant c/o 3 George Street (16/P/1/0157).

PORTPATRICK, plot 4, South Cliff, erection of dwellinghouse (renewal of planning permission previously approved under 13/P/1/0309); applicant Mr Philip Harrington (16/P/1/0158).

KIRKCUDBRIGHT, Bay Tree House, 110 High Street, internal alterations and enlargement of existing window opening to form door opening and formaion of access steps to rear elevation; applicant Mrs Joshi (16/P/2/0227).

ELRIG, opposite side of Old Mill Cottage, Main Street, installation of telecommunications cabinet; applicant Lydia Panton (16/C/1/0028).

KIPPFORD, plot of land to the rear of The Anchor Hotel; erection of three dwellinghouses; applicant Mrs Judith Kent (16/1011/PIP).

LEWWALT, Aldouran Wetland Garden, installation of a compostible toilet; applicant Mr Robert Hill (16/1002/FUL).

STRANRAER, land at Rockrimmen Inshanks Fell, Kirkmaiden, erection of general purpose agricultural building; applicant Mr Mike Clarke (16/1057/FUL).

WHITHORN, Low Craiglemine, erection of general purpose agricultural buiding; applicant Miss Hurst (16/1067/DPA).

CARSPHAIRN, telephone exchange grounds, A713, installation of a telecommunications cabinet; applicant Cat Surveys Group (16/1083/UTL).

KIRKCOWAN, Torhousemill, alterations, extensions and change of use of office/mill building to form dwellinghouse (demolition of exisitng byre); applicant (16/1136/FUL).

NEWTON STEWART, Lamachan new forest road, construction of 800M forest road; applcant Miss Elaine McClymont, Galloway Forest District (16/1155/DPA).

NEWTON STEWART, Barskeoch Fell, Kiltersan Farm, installation of battery cabinet and acillary equipment; applicant Gemma Reader (16/1150/UTL).