Nile meets Nile!

Adam Short meets Robert Twigger
Adam Short meets Robert Twigger

A long-distance walker, with an eye for adventure, called into the Book Festival in Wigtown at the weekend, searching for a fellow explorer!

Adam Short spent 16 months sleeping wild, packrafting and trekking over 6600 miles around the coastline of the UK, finishing this July, and so making his epic journey a “first” for all British walkers. Itchy feet, however, soon returned and a new “first” is well into the planning stage.

Adam will use an inflatable paddleboard, sponsored by FatStick, to navigate the world’s longest river, the mighty Nile. Starting at source in Rwanda, he will head north to the Mediterranean Sea, 4242 miles and 6 nations later. Due date June 2016, and he will be solo, unaided and without guides.

There were so many questions to ask, and only one person could answer these ......Robert Twigger, Nile rafter and acclaimed author of “Red Nile”, a best-seller launched in Wigtown in 2013. And, as Twigger was in town for the festival, previewing his Himalayan book and leading a sea kayak across Cruggleton Bay, a meeting was arranged!

Over a bowl of soup in The Bookshop, the two adventurers covered many subjects, from swamps to lakes, security patrols to dams, rapids to the inevitable danger of hippos and crocodiles. After a true meeting of minds, laced with a mutual respect for each others’ achievements, Adam Short was able to leave Wigtown, more confident, and with Twigger’s words ringing in his ears ........”You’ll do it!”

Adam can be followed at , where all aspects of research, training and preparation will be covered, and of course, the expedition itself.