Newton Stewart banker’s brave work

Lieutenant J Tennant
Lieutenant J Tennant

The Galloway Gazette, January 13, 1917

Second-Lieutenant J Tennant, Cameron Highlanders, from Queen Street, Newton Stewart, had been brought to the attention of the authorities due to his gallant conduct on the night of November 29th, 1916, at Kaiser Bill, Ypres.

Lieutenant Tennant was attached to another regiment as scout officer at that time and he had proved himself to be a skilful and successful leader. The Commander of the Army to which his regiment belonged, wrote to him saying: “It is with great pleasure that I have received and excellent report on the reconnaissance work done by you over five nights prior to the raid, and the skill with which you guided the party to the scene of their success.”

The young officer was obviously very popular with his men as, on the occasion of their Christmas gathering, he was presented with an “illuminated address and fountain pen as a mark of their esteem and regard”.

Lieutenant Tennant was educated at Penninghame Public School and the Ewart High School and then served his time at the Newton Stewart branch of the Clydesdale Bank.

He enlisted in the London Scottish and obtained his commission five months later. By January 1917, he had been at the Front in France for six months.