New group on a mission to improve town

Some of the WOMANS group with the hanging baskets
Some of the WOMANS group with the hanging baskets

A new group of community spirited women have got together with the aim of improving the ambience of Newton Stewart and Minnigaff.

They are on a mission to make the area more attractive for both residents and visitors.

The group is called WOMANS (Women of Minnigaff and Newton Stewart) and their spokesperson, Laura McGaw explained why they decided to take action.

She said: “We are a new community group in Newton Stewart aiming to try brighten up and clean up primarily the main street.

“We have had many monetary donations handed into my shop and have already planted up the three concrete tubs in front of the Royal Bank. We have put up 60 brackets hang hanging baskets on which will be put up this incoming week.

“Home Hardware gave us a very good deal for brackets and baskets, Galloway Heathers and Mr Noel Allan donated all the plants for the hanging baskets and Johnnie Johnstone installed all the brackets for us free of charge.

“And they say there is no community spirit in newton Stewart any more.

I disagree.

We are planning to do other things too, like trying to get the empty shops cleaned up, and maybe something put into the windows to make them look more attractive and hopefully get them filled.

“Any donations or offers of help contact Laura McGaw at 50f Victoria Street.”

At Monday evening’s Cree Valley Community Council meeting the new group were unanimously praised for their community spirit.

Mid Galloway and Wigtown West Councillor David Inglis commented: “Laura and her team are to be congratulated. It’s good to see people in the towns getting out there and doing something.

“They have plans to do more in the towns and that needs to be encouraged and we need to be seen to help them.

“There are people out there with civic pride who will get out there and help.

“It’s fantastic for the towns.”

The WOMANS group’s plans for hanging baskets in the main street, was praised by the CVCC members and when the issue of who was going to do the watering of the hanging baskets was raised, Councillor Inglis added: “If they put hanging baskets outside my shop I will water them. We are getting them for nothing.

“There are issues with hanging baskets of course as they have to be high enough up so kids can’t swing on them!”