Mochrum soldier honoured

Private Andrew Neil
Private Andrew Neil

Galloway’s Great War looks back to the stories in The Galloway Gazette on October 27th, 1917.

A very plesant and successful function took place in Mochrum School to publically recognise the the valour shown by Mochrum’s Private Andrew Neil, Royal Scots, who rescued his wounded officer under hot enemy fire, an act which gained him the Military Medal.

The Rev Andrew Robertson occupied the chair and when Private Neil entered the building he was given a hearty cheer by the large attendance.

After a sumptuous tea there was a short progamme of songs, pianoforte and gramophone selections. The chairman then presented Private Neil with a silver hunting watch as a token of their appreciation of the honour which he had obtained. Private Neil, in a neat little speech, expressed his thanks to all for the honour they had done him that night. He said he would keep the watch as a memento of the evening, which he called “an outstanding event” in his life. He said he had only done what any other Mochrum boy would have done under similar circumstances. Private Neil concluded by saying he was very pleased to have won the Medal if only to bring honour to the Parish of Mochrum.

The subscriptions were so liberal that, in addition to the inscribed watch, Private Neil also received a goodly sum in War Savings’ Certificates.