Mochrum Parish Church Flower Festival

The weekend of 16th and 17th July was the date for Mochrum Church Flower Festival in conjunction with the second round of the Open Garden scheme, The theme chosen for this year’s display was ‘The year of Innovation, Architecture and Design Scotland’. As ever this was a challenge for the arrangers to come up with ideas as to how they were going to interpretate this into their Designs. ‘The Kelpies‘ were skillfully sculpted by Helen Oxley and complimented by her floral design, then we had Wigtown Scotland’s First Booktown beautifully put together by Claire Nash, ‘The Falkirk Wheel’ by Lorraine Gaw was crafted with great skill and attention to detail, then we had our only junior arranger who created a very clever design which had lots of excellent props and ideas to help her depict Alexander Fleming the person who discovered Penicillin. Well done Zoe Oxley. Elaine Milven’s interpretation of ‘The Garden of Cosmic Speculation at Port Rack’ was cleverly put together along with her other design which she did to tie in with The Sorbie Quilter’s Linus Quilts project she also had some of the beautiful quilts on display in the church, Laura Lawson chose to depict renewable energy with her display this was well thought out and she created a striking design Jean Hobbs who also had her lovely garden open depicted Scotlands most famous tipple ‘Whisky’. This arrangement had barley and thistles alongside white roses and tartan ribbon. Pauline Todd, the organiser of the whole display, created three stunning designs. Her first, ‘Designed to Wear’ was a hat made completely from foliage and flowers a hairpiece, necklace, bracelet and handbag she got many requests from visitors to the church to design hats for the next wedding they were going to attend! Her second design was ‘Charles Rennie McIntosh’ and her third and final design was a striking display constructed on an old CD rack called ‘Floral Design’ an innovative use of a CD rack. Allan Murphie chose to create his first design around The Edinburgh Festival and Fringe as it is the most Innovative festival of Art and Culture in the world but founded in Scotland he arranged his flowers in and top of his Fringe Theatre, his second display was ‘The Telephone’, a tribute to Alexander Graham Bell. This was done on a metal stand top half of the arrangement was depicting the handset lower placement was meant to depict the cradle old fashioned style telephones were used as props and a mobile phone added to show how far the telephone has come from Alexanders time, Allan’s last design was based around a golf bag and was entitled ‘Scotland The Home of Golf’. Laura Lawson’s Arecleoch Windfarm depited the renewable energy turbines with vivid sunflowers. The weekend was particularly busy with many different things going on in the area and although visitor numbers were down slightly cokpared with previous years, the festival managed to raise the wonderful amount of £10,080 for church funds. Thanks go to Bridget and all her helpers for lovely lunches and cream teas.