Martyrs monolith dedicated

Saturday 10th January'The group march down from the county buildings to  new monolith
Saturday 10th January'The group march down from the county buildings to new monolith

The monolith to the Wigtown Martyrs, was officially dedicated on Saturday by the Revd Stephen McGarva and the Rev Eric Boyle, in the presence over 40 intrepid visitors and locals.

The project leader Andrew Wilson said: “The weather, before and after the dedication, was redolent of the conditions the Covenanters themselves must have had to endure, but although everyone was buffeted by a gale force wind, we had blue sky overhead for the walk from the County Buildings to the site overlooking the Martyrs’ stake where the monolith had been installed by Gavin McDowal. Drummers lead the party down the brae, to stand around the structure; there Andrew Wilson (project leader) spoke of how important it was that people now had the right information at the site, and gave tribute to the courage of the Covenanters, who he regarded as folk heroes, by their refusal to bow to a tyrant king and corrupt parliament.

“Rev Boyle then read out the wording on the monolith, and his words on freedom of conscience and expression, were moving and poignant given what had just happened in France. He then gave a highly appropriate reading from the book of Job, before everyone joined in the singing of Psalm 121 “I to the hills will lift mine eyes………” Rev McGarva finished the ceremony with the words from that great hymn of john Bunyan “ who would true valour see,” leading on to an evocative prayer that captured the spirit of the occasion.

“Before the next wintery shower, we all made it back to the County Buildings for hot drinks, sandwiches and cake laid on by Liz Tennant and Carol Kerr. Once people were seated, thanks were given by chairman Nick Walker, to the funders, and everyone else involved in making the project a success. The money for the structure had come principally from the Scottish Covenanters Memorial Association and the Galloway Association of Glasgow, whose office bearers had made the trip especially. Wigtown Community Council and Wigtown Community shop also gave funds. Replies were given by Alan Edgar from Galloway Association of Glasgow and Bill Aitken of Scottish Covenanters Memorial Association.”