Kirkinner Primary School continue to build links with their community

Kirkinner pupils working in the community
Kirkinner pupils working in the community

Kirkinner Primary School pupils have been very busy building links with the community throughout this season and have been experiencing a variety of worthwhile learning experiences.

Every Friday morning Kirkinner Toddlers meet in the school hall and the pupils from P1-7 look forward to organising their toddler events, where they select and organise themed activities for the toddlers and then they buddy-up and take them around.

The pupils ran a very successful Easter themed event just after the Easter holidays and the parents commented on how well the pupils interacted with the wee ones. They were polite and caring and explained the stations clearly. They have also just run another very successful summer-themed event which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

The pupils have also been learning new sport skills and have recently finished a PE block of bowling at Kirkinner bowling green. Members of Kirkinner Bowling Club very kindly offered to coach the pupils and taught them basic bowling skills. The children all really enjoyed it and a couple have even been bowling in the evenings.

As part of their ‘Skills Friday’ programme, P1-5 have been maintaining the school garden. They have been planting carrots, potatoes, onions and herbs which they will use in cooking next term. The pupils have set up a wormery in the garden and will use the compost made for their raised beds. They painted the garden fence and a pupil’s ‘papa’ replaced the seating of one of the table and benches. Their garden pond is also in the process of being built which will allow them to investigate all kinds of wildlife.

During this time P6-7 were taking part in work experience at Wigtown Book Festival, Wigtown Library and Wigtown Community Shop. The children worked in the three different places of work and were amazed at how many different literacy and numeracy skills were required. They needed good communication skills to speak to customers that they were serving, they needed to add up money and give out the correct change as well as using their reading and writing skills.

Kirkinner Primary also went tree planting at Doonhill Wood in Newton Stewart. The school’s eco council contacted Cree Valley Community Woodlands Trust to ask if they would like some volunteers to help plant some trees. The Trust looks after native woodlands in and around the Cree Valley for the benefit of people and nature. The pupils were very keen to volunteer and be part of helping the local area and it’s nature.