“Impressions of The Lake District” exhibition

Kevin Weaver painting
Kevin Weaver painting

Cumbrian artist Kevin Weaver has his art exhibition, “Impressions of The Lake District”, at Castle Douglas Art Gallery, Market Street, from 19th August – 31st August opening times 10am- 5pm Tuesday – Sunday.

Kevin Weaver has been living and working as an artist in Frizington, Cumbria since 2010 when he moved there from London, where he lived for 20 years. He was born in Falkirk in Scotland and lived in Cumbernauld till he was 10.

A former war reporter and teacher he is now an artist, whose work is based on nature and on his experiences as a war reporter in the 1990’s when he covered the break up of former Yugoslavia, in particular the war in Bosnia. He was shot and wounded in Sarajevo in June 1992 and went on to cover the genocide in Rwanda and the NATO bombing of Kosovo. He became an English and Media teacher in 1999 and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in 2004.

His landscape painting deals in particular with the power of nature in Cumbria dealing with such issues as wind power, mining, nuclear power, farming, fishing – all ways man harnesses the innate energy of his environment with varying degrees of success. He draws heavily on The French Impressionsists for his influences.

His War paintings are taken from composites of photographs he took while covering wars in the 90’s for a variety of national newspapers, including The Independent, The Guardian and The New Statesman. He uses oil paint, silicon and wax to create three-dimensionally ghostly melting figures that reflect the inner turmoil of war and the physical and mental scars it causes to its victims.

He left London in 2010 as part of his treatment for PTSD and moved to the peace and tranquillity of Cumbria. His art has developed and become less focussed on war and his latest exhibition at Castle Douglas Art Gallery is of his colourful impressionistic landscapes (oil painting on canvas) that emphasis the power and beauty of Cumbria’s wild landscape and its potential to provide humanity with both energy and healthy wellbeing. He plans to travel widely in Scotland and paint its castles and nature as he seeks to rekindle his Scottish roots.