Have you seen Bugsy?

Bugsy is missing from the Maxwell Drive area of Newton Stewart
Bugsy is missing from the Maxwell Drive area of Newton Stewart

A family in Kent are desperate to find their much loved tabby cat Bugsy, who went missing in the Maxwell Drive area of Newton Stewart on Sunday, March 13th.

Bugsy has poor eyesight and may have wandered into a shed, garage or outbuilding and the family are asking Galloway Gazette readers to keep an eye out for him.

Peter Holliday, whose daughter owns Bugsy, wrote to the Gazette to explain that as the family is moving house in Kent, and living in rented accommodation temporarily that does not allow pets, his daughter brought Bugsy up to stay with a family member in Maxwell Drive.

As instructed, Bugsy was kept indoors for some weeks to allow him to acclimatise to his new surroundings before being let out. Latterly, Bugsy had been going outside but had always returned straying not too far due to his poor eyesight. But on Sunday 13th March he did not return.

Peter added: “On hearing that my daughter’s cat had gone missing I drove up the 480 miles through the night on Wednesday and got to Newton at 9.00am to help search for the cat. The Cats Protection League and local vets have been informed and flyers had been printed so for the next three day I spent 16 hours a day putting posters up and posting flyers through all the houses that I deemed to be relevant to the search.

“I have checked the local farm near Maxwell (Drive) and spoken to the lady who lives there. The school has been informed and I have spent hours walking through the woods near the school, but on Saturday I had to return to Kent. My daughter is desperate to see that the search has not stopped with me coming back.”

Bugsy is a 10-year old tabby cat with a white chin and white lines under the ears, but his most distinguishing feature is his eyes. Bugsy suffers from a genetic disorder where his eye lashes grow inwards, this condition is kept under control by drops and the occasion visit to the vets but his eyes will look nearly shut and sunken back. The eyes are what tell him apart from all other cats.

If you see or find Bugsy please telephone 07827 298 183, 0345 3712759 or 01671 403363.