Greta and the Bravehearts are knock-out!

The Whithorn Bravehearts and Greta Hawthorn
The Whithorn Bravehearts and Greta Hawthorn

Two of Whithorn’s favourite institutions, the Bravehearts and Greta Hawthorn, won big at the Volunteer Awards at Dumfries last night.

Members of the Whithorn Bravehearts Amateur Boxing Club and Margaret (Greta) Hawthorn both won their categories - for Youth and Long Service respectively.

The Bravehearts have won numerous championships and awards over the years - most recently Tyler Jolly’s victory as British Champion - while Greta has contributed tirelessly to Whithorn Priory Church and the charity shop, the Whithorn Trust, the Community Council, the Resilience Group and the SWI, to name a few.

A spokesman for the Community Council, which put forward the nominees said: ”The many thousands of hours of volunteer work which contribute so much to the fabric of the community in Whithorn often go unrecognised, because these volunteers go on doing what they do best quietly and with a devotion to their different causes, whether they are noticed or not. We’re delighted that both won, recognising these selfless people, and are especially pleased that the categories represented were youth and long experience!”

Bravehearts’ spokesman Tom Jolly added: “Bravehearts committee and volunteers are delighted to accept this award from the third sector Dumfries and Galloway and appreciate whithorn community council nomination and continual support for our club.”