Galloway Past Picture

Galloway Past Picture
Galloway Past Picture

This week’s Galloway Past Picture comes from the Galloway Gazette picture files and shows a group standing outside McHarrie’s Garage in Queen Street, Newton Stewart, possible around the late 1950s.

Written on the back, underneath ‘McHarrie’s Garage’ are the names Jim Murchie, Ian McGowan, H Galt and Willard Wright.

Thanks to John Kirkland for the following information on the car after it appeared in the paper on Friday:

“The model is an Austin Sheerline first registered in Wigtownshire in late 1948. The limousine version was named the Austin Princess and was a favourite Mayoral car in England – prestigious in appearance but much cheaper than a Rolls or Bentley and less likely to offend the ratepayers.

This was an unlikely first post war new design for the austerity of the 1940s – perhaps Austin needed to cheer themselves up with something extravagant.

“The first Tulip Rally took place over four days at the end of April 1949. It is the oldest Dutch based European car rally and is still an annual event. I drew a blank on likely local competitors in the 1949 and 1950 events but in 1951 car number 35 is listed as an Austin crewed by H Gault, J Coulthard and J Montgomery. The plaque on the bumper has the rally year inside the top of the tulip but it cannot be read in the newsprint photo. Magnifying the original photo might help.

“McHarrie’s are listed as Austin agents in the 1951/52 AA Book so presumably they prepared the car.”