Galloway Past Picture

Gall past pic
Gall past pic

For this week’s Galloway Past Picture we have chosen a gathering of beekeepers in Glenluce from the early 1960s.

Willie Paterson from Kirkcowan is sitting in the front row (second from the left) and he phoned the office with most of he names. He said it was taken in 1960.

Back row - the cook from Penninghame Prison (name unknown); Mr Henry; Andy Scott; Penninghame Prison Govonor Mr Grant; Ian Maxwell; Mr Parker; Victor McDonald; John Allan; ??; Jimmy Maxwell; Mac Wallace; Mr Wilson; Andy Smith

Front - Mr McClelland; Willie Paterson; President of the Scottish Beekeepers Mr Skilling; Sheila Maxwell; Mrs Wilson (Creetown); Mrs Smith (Creetown).

Just before Christmas we published a photo of Post Office staff sorting the Christmas mail in the early 60s. Jim Haswell phoned to say the extra mail was always sorted in the Drill Hall and that was why there was information about bombs on the wall! He recognised Wilson Ross, Johnny Johnstone, Bob ‘Dusty’ Miller and his father James ‘Sinny’ Haswell and Mr Barclay.