Galloway Past Picture

gallpast pic
gallpast pic

Many thanks go to Wilma Brown and Alistair Gambles who managed to get all the names from the Galloway Past Picture that appeared in last Friday’s paper. Mr Gambles, who is in it, says it was taken at the 1965 Regatta.

Front Row - 1. John Scoular; Harry Sunderland; Tommy Lochhead.

Middle row - Craig McGuire; Frankie Waskie; John McWilliam; Martin McGuire; Richard Davies; Alex McHallum; Peter Huxtable; Peter Maxwell; Ack Huxtable; visitor; Mrs Peggy McWilliam; Joe Sunderland Mrs Nell Sunderland.

Back Row - Dave Davies; (?) Mark Sunderland; Alistair Gamble.