Fancy dress results and photos from Port William

In the Port William Carnival Week fancy dress parade on Thursday evening there was fierce competition between two of the Adult Float entry, No Snow-white and the Port Dwarfs (aka PIRSAC Boat) and Alice in Wonderland (AKA The View (PiRSAC Cafe), but Alice was crowned this year’s winner of the new J Murray Shield. Due to the quality of the Children’s float entry there were four prize winners and the winner of the Junior Float trophy and The Provost Shield for overall float wast The Port Willie Wonka ‘( Second Sands)

The Children on the winning float were Hunter and Cameron Kinnear, Nina Christie, Sophia and Bea Christie Ostberg, Tilly and Anna Christie, Chloe and Beth McElrea, Libby Kay, Carrie Kirk, Natalie Gaw, Kyle and Sphie Creighton and Chloe McVoy.

The Adult winning float (The View, PIRSAC) Helen Oxley, Kelly McCreadie, Amanda Quin, Samantha Patterson and George Murray.

The foot prize winners were:

Girls under 5 yrs

1.Ella Walker – Baby Boris on Tour

2.Iona McLaughlin – Goldilocks

3.Lily McShane – Olympic horserider

Boys under 5 years

1.Liam Smith – Lego Man

2.Harvey Parrott – Finding Dory

3.Wiliam McKinnel – Oliver

4.Robert Dodds – Power Ranger

Girls 5 -8 yrs

1.Sophie Dickenson – Unicorn

2.Carly Turner – Top Cat

3.Maria Christie – Alice in Port Wonderland

Boys 5-8 yrs

1.Charlie Tate – Robin Hood

M & C Stuart Shield (under 8years Champion) Liam Smith

Girls 9-15yrs

2.Amy Smith – Smarty Pants

3.Aimee Bell – A butterfly

Boys 9 – 15 yrs

1.Eoin Irving – Tin Man

2.Callum Irving – Cowardly Lion

Pairs under 16 yrs ( George Murray Memorial Shield)

1.Jack and Sam Adams -

2.Holly Gilmour and Joshua Grundy – Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump

Groups under 16 yrs (Callum Wood Memorial Trophy)

1.Happy Campers (Brawls Family)

2.We’ve Caught Moby Dick

Jean Findlay Memorial Cup (Under 16 years) Smarty Pants (Amy Smith)


1.Donald duck – Paul Gorman

2.A Day at Ascot – Alistair Burnett

3.The invisible Man

4.Cons. Tam Steele The Painter Man

Adult Pairs (Jean McCulloch Award): Wicked Witch of the West (Annie Murray) and Good Witch of the East(Tizi Irving)

Adult Walking Groups ( James T Gray Silver Salver): The Wizard of Oz. Annie Murray and the Irving family.