Family mourn for cheery Charlie

Private Charlie McClymont
Private Charlie McClymont


The death of Private Charles R McClymont of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force was mourned locally as he was the grandson of the late Robert McClymont of Barrear, Kirkcowan, and the only son of his late father, Gilbert McClymont, of Auckland, New Zealand.

In a letter to his cousin in Glasgow, his platoon Lieutenant stated that McClymont was doing observation work on October 4th just before going over the top. Considerable shelling began and a shell fell alongside him hitting him on the throat and above his heart. He was rendered unconscious and passed away five minutes later.

“Charlie”, said the Lieutenant, “was a fine boy and was greatly beloved by all the members of the platoon for his quiet cheerfulness under all circumstances and he had proved himself a fine soldier.”


Private James Gulline, KOSB, was posted as missing since he had been in action on the 12th and 13th October. Private Gulline was a Territorial, and was on home defence for three years before being sent to the Front. Prior to the war he was employed as a gardener to Sir William Dunbar of Mochrum Park, where he was held in high esteem. He had a wife and four children, the youngest of which was only five months old.