Ewart Senior pupils get their prizes


National 5 Prize winners;

Wednesday 2nd September'Douglas-Ewart High School Awards Evening'The 2015 award winners

Wednesday 2nd September'Douglas-Ewart High School Awards Evening'The 2015 award winners

Bethany Donn - English/Music - Ross Cup for Music

Kirsty McColm - RMPS

Isla Forsyth - Physical Education

Donald Robinson - Nat 5 Mathematics/Geography

Samantha Saunders - Nat 5 Administration

Kezia Dale - Physics

Sandy Acheson - Environmental Science - Café Cree Award for MER

Rebekah Hughes - Biology

Ewan Boyce - Modern Studies

John Irvine - History

Katie Hudson - Drama

Michaela Ross - Design and Manufacture

Bethany Dodds - Practical Woodwork – Gerry McGuigan Trophy

Senior Prize winners;

Fay Wallace - French/Health and Food Technology - Eugenie Cup for Home Economics

Teigan Burns - Music - Cinnamon Cup for Music

Floraidh Soutar - Philosophy

Chloe Allison - Physical Education

Ben White - Sport and Recreation

Karyn McMillan - Practical Cookery - Anne Douglas Cup for Hospitality

Lucy Fisher - Advanced Higher Mathematics/Administration

Jill Kirkpatrick - Art and Design

Moira Edwards - Higher Biology

Laura Campbell - Advanced Higher Biology

Rachel Drysdale - Higher Geography

Caitlin McDonald - RMPS

Megan Sommerville - Modern Studies

Christopher Ryman - Higher English - Barty Prize for English /History – The Marshall Award for History

Fyfe Paterson - Design and Manufacture - J & B Print Award for Product Design

Graeme Hoodless - Advanced Higher Graph Comm – Gerry McGuigan Trophy

Achievement Award winners;

St Clair Cup (citizenship)

Iona McPhillips

Junior Proxime Accessit

Lorna Phillips (joint) - Art and Design/Health and Food Technology/ Graph Comm

John Walker (joint)

Junior Dux

Ben Moore - Computer Studies/French/Chemistry

Personal Achievement Medal

Tyler Jolly for boxing

Sporting Achievement Award

Robbie Smith & Calum Gaw (joint award)

NSBA Senior Award for Personal Development

Rose Nash

NSBA Senior Enterprise and Admin Award

Lucy Fisher

Longman Quaich (diligence)

Ailie McQuaker

Anderson Rose Bowl for Diligence

Rachel Drysdale

Lactalis McLelland Overall Science Award

Cameron Jess

Class of 73 Personal Achievement Award - Best in S6

Graeme Hoodless

Oscar Knox Memorial Award for wider achievement

Ben White

University of the West of Scotland Outstanding Achievement Award

Sabina Sobczak

Senior Proxime Accessit

Lewis Wallace - Chemistry/ Information Systems

Senior Dux

John Hughes - Higher Mathematics/Physics/RMPS