Ethel’s knitting appeal reached 10,000 in just six months

Ethel Brolls
Ethel Brolls

Whithorn knitter Ethel Brolls has been overwhelmed with the public’s response to her appeal for knitted items for her Children of the World charity.

For the first time since she set up her charity appeal in 2001, the total of knitted items received has reached the all time high of 10,000 since December, a total normally only reached previously around the year mark.

Ethel was part of the creative Whithon Arts and Crafts Trail last weekend, having taken over a room at the Whithorn House Hotel with her knitting.

Ethel said: “To reach 10,000 in six months is amazing. it’s a phenomenal total.

“I think a lot more people are knitting these days and people like to do things for charity, especailly charities for children. The fact that knitting and crochet are coming back into fashion has certainly helped my appeal and I have got a lot of publicity recently from the press that seems to have spead the news further afield about my Children of the World Knitting Appeal. I now get parcels of knitting sent to me and I have no idea who they are from!

“Finally, I would like to thank Brian and Molly of the Whithorn House Hotel for giving me space this weekend. It was very kind of them.”