Creetown soldier was last seen lying injured on the battlefield

Privates Clark and Topping
Privates Clark and Topping

The Galloway Gazette, December 1st, 1917

Creetown soldier lost in no man’s land

A Creetown mother was left in a state of high anxiety when she heard that her son had gone missing after being wounded in action.

Mrs Thompson, Braeside, received word that Lance-Corporal William Thompson, Royal Scots, went missing on October 22. The officer in command of the company wrote to her saying: “On that morning he was with several others engaged in an attack on an enemy position. They failed to return and no information has come to hand, and, as no bodies have been recovered it is presumed they may have fallen into German hands. There is a possibility he is a prisoner, but other possibilities arise too. I do sincerely hope he is a prisoner.

“Your son was a very capable NCO and was most high esteemed by his comrades.”

His company sergeant added: “I belong to the same section as William and believe me things have been very rough. We took part in a big attack about two weeks ago and, when last seen Willie was lying wounded, and at that time assistance could not be rendered to him owing to conditions of the fighting. However, I sincerely hope that he has managed to reach our dressing station.”