Creetown’s Eddie is citizen of the year

Eddie with the Rotary members
Eddie with the Rotary members

Rotary awards the Citizen of the Year to Eddie McGaw of Creetown. Rotary recognises the international voluntary contribution made by local man Eddie McGaw in Nakuru, Kenya.

During a fundraising presentation Eddie summed up his feelings by stating “working with young people who have very little opportunity and live with extreme poverty has changed not only my life but a good few in Nakuru for ever”.

As each year goes by Eddie raises funds to support and build expertise from others to help youngsters at St. Jerome’s Orphanage and families who get by on what they can salvage from the local tip.

He will be heading out to Nakuru for his fourth annual visit in November having planned activities to improve health and shelter for the inhabitants. Eddie is able to devote time each year due to the strong support of his family and friends who donate in many ways. Eddie has written a journal of his trip to Kenya in 2014 entitled “Where There’s Life There’s Hope” and the revenue from this directly funds his project.

Rotary in Newton Stewart have given funding to provide clothing for youngsters. The money will be spent in Kenya both to support the local economy as well as the local recipients.

The photograph shows President Martin and members presenting Eddie with the Citizen of the Year Salver.