Care home residents and pupils create their own board game

Cornwall Park resident Maureen Wylie and Penninghame pupils penjoy a game of 'Newton-opoly'
Cornwall Park resident Maureen Wylie and Penninghame pupils penjoy a game of 'Newton-opoly'

A joint project between residents of Cornwall Park Care Home and primary pupils at nearby Penninghame Primary School has produced a new board game called ‘Newton-opoly’, based on Monopoly but with local landmarks.

The idea was put in motion by Tracy Ross, Service Manager at C-I-C Cornwall Park, to encourage the residents to design and produce their own version of the popular board game with help from Art4All and Trust Housing.

The game features a series of pictures of Newton Stewart landmarks, all created by the residents during a series a creative workshops.

The board game covers the route from Cornwall Park to Ashgrove Court, onto Cumloden Manor in Minnigaff and then back up to Penninghame Primary School.

The residents were guided through different art techniques designed to provide mental and physical stimulation; building on participants dexterity, co-ordination to increase concentration levels. Throughout the sessions the participants were encouraged to share their memories of the area and this contributed to a supportive, friendly and creative group environment as they created pictures of the landmarks on the route.

At the planning stage pupils from P5-6 at Penninghame were invited to attend and participate in the workshops.

The next stage is to physically install the various routes around Newton Stewart and Minnigaff. It is hoped these information points will incorporate the images and text produced by the participants and will act as markers to guide tourists, walkers, cyclists and joggers on a tour of the historical sites of the town.