car park tree comes down

Dumfries and Galloway Council have stated they will replace the ash tree cut down last week in Newton Stewart’s Old Town Hall Car Park as work on the new flood defence wall progresses. The tree was felled to allow the council to rebuild the collapsed riverside wall in front of the tree. The work has involved the removal of the existing wall, which required excavation of approximately 3.5 metres.

A council spokesperson said the work involved “severing the main roots of the tree and undermining it to the extent that it was assessed as being unsafe to undertake the proposed works with the tree remaining in place and to guarantee its future condition and stability.”

CVCC spokesman David Inglis commented: “It’s pleasing to hear that the tree which has been removed to accommodate the work on the new flood wall will be replaced, hopefully with a mature tree and not a sapling.

“It would be good if the council could also replace the tree which was removed some years ago in the main town car park as they promised to do at the time.”