Awesome Skills Friday at Kirkinner

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Every term at Kirkinner Primary School pupils take part in a five-week block of Skills Friday.

Here are reports from the pupils about the activities they have taken part in:

“This term we have been doing all kinds of things like gardening, cooking and wood work. We’ve been cooking potato wedges, beetroot and potato crisps, chips, pizza, potato scones and apple crumble. The potatoes, beetroot, onions and apples that we used all came from our school garden.

“We have also been gardening in the school garden and we now have oodles of lovely plants and flowers. The school garden now looks beautiful and we have seen lots of interesting insects and creatures visiting our garden. Arthur thought gardening was the best because he learned about plants and vegetables and how to look after the garden. We put new woodchips over the old woodchips and now it looks truly wonderful.

“In woodwork we have been making bug hotels to attract more bugs and insects for us to look at. We got two plant pots and nailed them together and that made a bug hotel and we got some of the schools wood and drilled them together and that made another bug hotel. Kacie thought woodwork was the best because she got to make new things.

“At the beginning of term Wigtown Community Shop gave the school a very generous donation and the school has recently bought a fish pond and wormery to add to the school garden and we are looking forward to more opportunities for learning outside.”

By Arthur and Kacie


“This term P 5-7 had Bikeabilty training with Mr and Mrs Norfolk and Mrs Henderson, where they tested all our skills on our bikes.

“First we had to do the M-check which is basically where you do a capital M on a bike and follow the M with your finger. First you start at the back wheel where you check your tyre and check if it is flat or not and that the spokes are inside the wheel, once you have checked your back wheel and it is all secure you go up to your seat and make sure it is tight on and it is the perfect height for you, feet/tip toes can touch the ground! Then once all that is finished you go down to the chain and pedals make sure the chain is not stiff and the pedals are safe and secure and then you have to move all the way up to the brakes and handle bars. You need to know which brake is the back and which is the front and also which one to use in different situations. With the handle bars you need to make sure they turn with no bother and that where you put your hands is quite grippy so your hands don’t just slip off. Finally you have to check your front wheel which is basically the same as your back wheel so you will know what to do there.

“We had to test how we control the bike by going in and out of some gleaming orange markers which were about one and a half metres apart. This time instead of going back on the road, because we some new pupils that had not done Bikeability before, we just cycled a little bit down from the church to build up our confidence. We also learned how to get your bike on the road and what to do when you are on the road and how to set off and how to stop and look at a junction. It was great fun and we are looking to get back out on the roads in the summer term. We would like to thank our volunteer helpers as without them we would not have the chance to do Bikeability.”

By Murray

Healthy Way to Start Our Day

“Kirkinner Primary School now has a Breakfast Club at school that runs from 8.20 to 8.45am. It is good fun and we all have a healthy start to our mornings with a variety of cereals and toast to choose from. When you are finished we get to play a collection of board games, read a book or chat with our friends. It is fun as we get to socialise with our friends first thing in the morning and catch up on news. At 8.45am we are allowed to go outside and play before starting school at 9am.”

By Owen