Art Exhibition at Ashgrove Court

Ashgrove Court members who took part in the art exhibition
Ashgrove Court members who took part in the art exhibition

A recent art exhibition took place at Trust Housing, Ashgrove Court, Newton Stewart, showcasing the tenants art work which has been produced through an art project funded by an Age Scotland grant of £275 aimed at tackling loneliness and isolation. The art project was to record historical sites and places of interest in the town.

The tenants used this grant to employ a staff member from Turning Point Scotland – Access Art’s James Galloway. The art project was to design and deliver a six week project which aimed to investigate and record various Historical sites and places of interest in Newton Stewart through art work.

A spokesperson for Trust Housing said: “Our main aim was to encourage and develop individual and group skills providing a range of social and creative benefits for our tenants.
These benefits to include social inclusion, integration, reduce loneliness and isolation, gain or improve on a skill, mental stimulation resulting in improved mental health, provide residents with a worthwhile and creative project to participate in, resident ownership of the project and to further develop residents ideas and highlight future uses for their artwork.”
Through various discussions which took place throughout the delivery, the group were encouraged to suggest different uses for the images they produced. The group suggested calendars, cards, postcards, mugs, mouse mats and coasters which will be sold to raise funds for Phase 2 of the project. A board game Newton-o-poly will also be created. These items and images are unique and can be purchased from Ashgrove Court or by contacting 01671 403880.