House of Games for likeable Richard

Richard Osman.
Richard Osman.

There are some people who appear on television very regularly. One such is the likeable, amusing and very knowledgeable Richard Osman. Most television viewers will know him as the one on Pointless who gives out all the right answers.

What some people don’t know is that before that, he was largely known for his work behind the camera. Pointless and Pointless Celebrities are now on nearly every day and as a result really boosted Richard’s on-camera television career.

Richard was the question master on the BBC2 quiz series Two Tribes, which was recently repeated on that channel. Then he was the question master on the recent series of Child Genius. This Monday on BBC2 at 6pm right after Pointless, you can see Richard hosting a new quiz show called Richard Osman’s House of Games.

It will run for five days a week for the next three weeks. Each week features four celebrities who will be competing against one another in a variety of entertaining trivia based games. A daily winner will be decided at the end of each programme, following a quick fire round. The scores that each celebrity has accumulated each day will be added up to produce a grand total. The contestant with the highest total at the end of the week will be crowned the overall winner. They will get to choose to take home a House of Games set of driving gloves or a branded dressing gown.

The four celebrities who will be competing over the course of the first week will be Al Murray, Anneke Rice, Clara Amfo and Nish Kumar. The other celebrities who will be featured in the following two weeks will be – Rick Edwards, Anita Rani, Jamie Theakston, Janet Ellis, Angela Scanlon, Chris Ramsey, Clive Myrie and Sara Pascoe.

Ian K