Will you survive this Richard III?

Brite Theatre's production of Richard III.
Brite Theatre's production of Richard III.

Pushing the boundaries of Shakespearean performance, Brite Theater have re-imagined Richard III as a bold and engaging one-woman show.

Performed by Emily Carding at The Catstrand, New Galloway on June 3, the play is a daring re-imagining of the original Shakespearean text.

This is no ordinary production of Richard III, this is audience participation taken to a whole new level.

The audience are greeted by Richard of Gloucester, who hangs name-cards around their necks. They are then pulled up to the stage at points throughout the show thereby making everyone complicit in Richard’s scheming, murderous rise to power, either actively helping him on his way, or simply doing nothing to stop him.

One-by-one as Richard eliminates these characters, they are slapped with a nametag labelled DEAD.

Emily Carding delivers a consumate, intensely emotional and even moving portrayal of the last Yorkist king of England.

Performance starts at 7.30pm. Tickets £8 from www.catstrand.com.

Audiences can also see the play on June 4 at The Usual Place, Dumfries at 1pm and at A’ The Airts, Sanquhar at 6pm. More information available at www.dgartsfestival.org.uk.